3 Years and counting!


Three years ago I launched my website which which was mainly oriented around graphic design and typography. I remember drafting my logo during study breaks and having a dream of pursuing something creative. I didn't have much work back then, just a few sketchbooks and pencils.

When I wasn't studying engineering I was soaking in good design, getting inspired by images and other artists and photographers and watching documentaries. I didn't know if it would go anywhere. And to be honest, had you told me back then that in a few years I would be in Toronto working both as an engineer in training and as a visual artist, that I would be renting a studio space, collaborating with brands and organizations, be a part of highly skilled and creative teams and work with some of the most gorgeous and talented people I've ever met, I would have laughed at you in disbelief.

Do not let fear and indecision sink your creativity - they do not easily release their hold.

I remember clinging on to the quote above during that time because I was scared - scared to start pouring my time and energy into something that held an uncertain outcome. I was taught to always make calculated decisions and to always have the outcome in mind. I didn't know where I was headed with this dream of mine, all I knew was I wanted to create. So many factors were telling me that it couldn't be done, that I should give up and just focus on my field of study.

Doing something creative could just be a waste of time. But something was always missing in me. Something always drove me to sketch or take a photograph or get inspired by someone or something. The thrill of creating something and pouring your heart and soul into it captivated me, and I couldn't let it go.

Working towards your goal isn't as easy or glamorous as people make it to be nowadays. It's countless hours of work, sleepless nights, tons of emails, messages and phone calls. It's waking up at 3am and working 24 hours straight or more. And the work is never done. You're always looking for ways to do things better. You get knocked down, stagger back up and learn from mistakes. Set your goals, blaze past them and set new ones. Work hard, stay humble.

I'm so humbled to be where I am today and it's all because I had a daydream and and was blessed to have an army of people support and back me up. It's a lot of hard work and I want to thank everyone I've worked with, everyone that's stayed up late with me, and everyone that kept believing in my work for pushing me forward. I'm thrilled to see where we will be in another three years.

Much love,