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Graphic Design

Design & Branding

Good design is making something intelligible and memorable. Great design is making something memorable and meaningful.
— Dieter Rams

Realize your identity. 

What you do and what you create defines you. It's who you are and is embedded into your everyday life. It's you making a mark on the world.

Part of that mark is your branding. It's your fingerprint...your signature on a masterpiece. Designing a logo and creating a brand identity that embodies who you are and what you do and your beliefs is something that requires care and attention to detail. 


Make sure that when you're developing your brand, you have a signature or mark that exemplifies you. Check out my the brands and organizations below to see how I've worked with them to create their signature.


Below are some of the people I've worked with to create branding materials, advertising campaigns, and graphic materials.
Many of these are for personal businesses, university clubs and societies, and start-up companies.