Happy New Year!


2018 has flown by! It feels like yesterday I was uploading the last year end video to my insta, dreaming of what 2018 could hold in store. The last 12 months have meant growth and development as a photographer and designer. I’m glad to have had an amazing group of friends, family, and people who have supported me and creatives without whom my work would be nowhere as polished as it is now.


This year I’ve expanded to video work and shot footage for a music festival, worked more on graphic design and branding, and worked with amazing studios, clients I could only dream of, musicians, and connected with passionate and talented creators. It’s been both rewarding and a struggle to continue pursuing my vision and creative direction. That being said, It’s been a hell of a year and 2018 has been a mix of emotions, of success and failures, bliss and crippling depression, togetherness and being alone. It’s been a year of finding balance and trying to keep my gravity centered. But I’ve learned what it means to move forward. To fight for what you’re passionate about. To find focus in rather unsteady circumstances.

So to everyone who was in for the ride 2018, I want to say a big thank you for making it phenomenal. I can’t wait to see what we create in 2019!

Check out the reel below to see some of my favourite moments from 2018.

Ezekiel Inocencio