Twenty Seventeen Recap!


2017 was a huge year! The last little while, I've been sorting through tons of footage that I've shot during my shoots including behind the scenes for Instagram and Snapchat to find my favourite moments for my year end reel. There were so many shoots and I've worked some of the most talented and the most stunning people in my life. I've also decided to take a huge step and connected and worked with some amazing modelling agencies in Toronto, New York and Montreal and I'm very excited to keep improving and pushing my limits.

I'm so glad to have connected and worked with so many of you. I've grown so much as a photographer and it's all thanks to every one of you who has worked with me, been patient (yes maybe even for months at a time), and for being very supportive of my work.

I cannot wait to keep creating in 2018 and I'm excited to see what heights we reach in this new year. Stay tuned...

Much Love -zeik

Music: "Feel it Still" by Portugal the Man